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annual meeting minutes

July 2, 2022 at Mercer Town Hall


Bonnie Banaszak

Kathy Benninghoff

Cris Enslin

Bob Kary

Rita Kary

Paul Losiniecki

Jeanne Schoenhard

Dave Ohlinger

Melodie Ohlinger

Randy Phelps


Call to Order President Bob Kary called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM.


Introduction of members and visitors Condolences were expressed to the family of Sandy Losiniecki who passed away on June 27.


Secretary’s Report Jeanne Schoenhard emailed the July 2021 minutes to the members.  With no questions or comments, a motion was made by Bonnie Banaszak and seconded by Dave Ohlinger to approve the minutes, motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report Randy Phelps distributed the Treasurer’s report - Regular Account with a balance of $2,235.02, Membership Dues List, and Curly Leaf Pond Weed 2021 Project I and 2022 Project II expense reports. The balance on Project I is $560.98 and Project II is $7,275.32. Randy provided an overview of the Association’s revenues and expenses. Randy thanked Bill Kurth and Dave Ohlinger for their assistance with the CLP paper work. Dave Ohlinger made a motion to approve the reports, which was seconded by Melodie Ohlinger, motion carried.

Please submit your annual dues-

$50 per family or $25 per Individual payable to Rice Lake Association, Inc.


Randy Phelps

119 S. Church Street

Watertown, WI  53094


Lake Association Memberships and Annual Permit Bob Kary discussed the lake association memberships. The Iron County Lakes and Rivers Alliance (ICLRA) is no longer in existence. Dick Thiede has informed Bob of this decision and his help will be missed as he was a huge help for us at Rice Lake. Bonnie Banaszak made a motion to approve payment to the Wisconsin Lakes Association of $100 and the Wisconsin Association Permit of $10, Rita Kary seconded, motion carried. Cris Enslin inquired about joining the Clean Boats, Clean Water organization. Some of our paid workers from last year’s CLP pull were from this watershed inspection program.


Old Business


Loon Nesting Platform: Thanks go out to Carl & Jean Braun for their construction of a new loon nesting platform. As a result of what they have done there are 2 chicks this year.


Water Testing Report: No report at this time. Zach Wilson has informed us that Rick Duley and Patt Moses are no longer able to do the water testing. It is done 4 times a year - 2 weeks after ice off, June, July and August. We need 2 volunteers to do this and Sandy Wickman will do the training. Please let us know if you are interested.


Aquatic Invasive Species Report: Bob Kary has sent out an email with his report on AIS. More details are below under new Business.


Status of Grant/Boat ramp: Laurie Holquist is negotiating with the DNR on the next steps with our 3 year grant. We are not obligated to spend the entire grant dollars in the 3 year period. If we fall short with in kind dollars we would have to pay the difference in cash. We extend a Thank you to Bonnie Banaszak for her work on Volunteer Worksheets. Please submit the Volunteer Worksheets to her at 5978N Rice Lake Road as soon as possible.


John Sendra, Town Chairman and Eric Peterson, Iron County Forest Administrator are working with Laura McFarland, DNR and a 50/50 grant for the boat ramp has been submitted and permits have been issued. The boat ramp should be built by the end of July. They will dredge out the area deep enough for two precast concrete ramps. They will be laid in place to accommodate boat trailer wheels. The dollar estimate is $13,000 and it will have a turn-around area, handicap parking and parking along the road.


New Business


Discussion on insurance policy for RLA Inc.: Randy Phelps stated we do not need insurance policies for Workers Compensation and General Liability.



Report on year 2 of CLP weed pull and plans going forward for improvements and changes: Bob Kary presented the 2022 Invasive Species Report of Rice Lake. We are so thankful for all those who volunteered. We had workers from Rice Lake, Lake of the Falls, Spider Lake, Trude Lake and Turtle Flambeau Flowage. It is an extremely labor intensive job. After ice off this year, CLP was along the entire shore of the North Bay. It was also around the swim dock in the fall. There are two catch nets by the dam. Please continue to check your shoreline for CLP. It was not found in the channel, around the island or loon’s nest. With the work that has been done the rhizomes should not regrow because we have disturbed the base. We are very appreciative for the donation of $10,000 from Jack Patterson of the Turtle Flambeau Flowage. A lengthy discussion was held regarding the impact of the last two years of the Curly Leaf Pondweed project. Members asked questions and were informed of various aspects of the effort.  This portion of our Annual Meeting is intended to meet one of the Educational requirements of our grant by informing our Membership.



Election of Officers and Directors

Motion by Kathy Benninghoff and second by Bonnie Banaszak to approve Carl and Jean Braun as Loon Rangers, motion carried.

Motion by Bonnie Banaszak, second by Kathy Benninghoff to nominate Dave Ohlinger as Director, motion carried.

Motion by Rita Kary, second by Paul Losiniecki to nominate Dan Losiniecki as Director, motion carried.

The position of secretary will have to be filled as no one volunteered to take it.

Bob Kary is not running for re-election as president. Thank you for all your work as president! Motion by Bonnie Banaszak, second by Randy Phelps to nominate Laurie Holquist as president, motion carried.

Laurie Holquist was not present at the meeting and has declined the nomination.

With the vacancies of Secretary and President it was determined that a meeting of present board members will need to be held to fill these vacancies.

Bob Kary would like to be chairman of a 5 year long range CLP plan and hopes the committee will be Paul Losiniecki, Dan Losiniecki, Patti Sehnoutka, Kathy Benninghoff and Bill Kurth.

Randy Phelps will be resigning as Treasurer next year and it is a position he has held for 24 years. Thank you for all your work over the years! Dave Ohlinger has volunteered to assist Randy for the coming year and would accept the treasurer position next year.


Holiday Party Date A possible date is Wednesday, December 28, 2022. 


Next Annual Meeting The meeting will be on Saturday, July 1, 2023 at 9:30 AM.


Miscellaneous Bonnie Banaszak stated we should have a social gathering at The Pines for all that volunteered and Bob suggesting doing it this fall.

Thanks go out to Steve Opfer who did a fabulous job on the website and Melodie Ohlinger for sending out the thank you's.

A special thanks to the Benninghoff family for the donation of their boat to Rice Lake Association.


Adjournment Motion to adjourn by Bonnie Banaszak, second by Cris Enslin, motion carried.


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